Create your first voice bot for Google Assistant

 1, Apr 2017 

The idea of having a bot, who listens, understands and responds to your commands, is very intriguing. How about creating one yourself? It might sound daunting at first but it's not that difficult in reality.

In this post we will create a bot for Google Assistant which powers Google Home, Google Now and probably some other google products. To keep this post really short and easy to follow, I will not plug the NLP piece in our bot, which you might have to in case you decide to build a really intelligent bot. Our bot will do a simple thing, when asked for a movie suggestion, it will suggest a movie.

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Setting up development environment for Google App Engine and Python

 18, Jun 2016 

Google App Engine is a PAAS offering from Google Cloud Platform, which enables you to build complex web solutions with significant ease without worrying too much about the scalability or infrastructure management. If you want to develop GAE applications using python and looking for a way to setup your development environment then this post is for you.

PyCharm community edition does not come with GAE support out of the box, so you need to make changes here and there to make it work for you. Keep reading to know how to configure PyCharm to enable debugging and autocomplete for GAE applications.

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Nishant Chaturvedi
Software Developer and Tech Enthusiast