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Add RSS feed to your Node.Js website

 20, Apr 2016 

If you are like me then you might be following several interesting websites and smart folks on their blogs. With so much content to read everyday, we start running out of time to consume all this information and it becomes important to know what to omit while deciding what you will be reading. Of course we certainly do not have time to visit all these websites frequently just to know whether there is a new info available, here come all these RSS reader apps which give all this information in one place.

You can see if you have your own blog and do not have RSS feed in your website then you are not thinking about such users and inadvertently sending them off resulting in low traffic to your website.

So If you have a website running on Node.js, and you are looking for a way to add RSS feed endpoint, then this post is for you, it's very easy, keep reading.

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Nishant Chaturvedi
Software Developer and Tech Enthusiast